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Entrepreneurship is crucial for economic development and plays a vital role for addressing some of the most pressing societal and environmental challenges of our time. There is consensus that growing entrepreneurship does not happen in isolation but requires a supportive environment, including an entrepreneurial culture, access to resources and capital, and role models and mentoring, among others. In turn, entrepreneurship also impacts this socio-economic environment, or ecosystem.

While research is progressing on individual aspects of entrepreneurial ecosystems, the interdependence of the constituent actors and factors limit the insights from researching them in isolation. The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Research Network was formed to address this issue and provide a platform for research and knowledge exchange.



Our mission is to build a trans-disciplinary community that brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and other stakeholders, and stimulates discussion and knowledge exchange.


Our vision is to support the creation and dissemination of knowledge, methods, and tools in an accessible way to help regions around the world grow entrepreneurship for socio-economic-environmental development.


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