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Introduction to EEs

In this set of short videos, Prof Erik Stam provides provides a succinct introduction to the entrepreneurial ecosystem concept, how it works, and the implications and opportunities for policy and practice.

Erik Stam is Full Professor at the Utrecht University School of Economics, where he holds
the chair of Strategy, Organization and Entrepreneurship.

01 Introduction

What are entrepreneurial ecosystems?

02 Framework

What effects do measures to stimulate entrepreneurship have on the ecosystem as a whole?

03 Policy Circle

How do you make effective policies for your regional ecosystem?

04 Success of the Dutch Startup Ecosystem

Why is the Dutch Startup Ecosystem a success?

05 The Dutch Entrepreneurship Paradox

The Dutch Entrepreneurship Paradox: many startups, but relatively few scale-ups.

06 Knowledge in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Knowledge is often a weak element in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Why is that, and what can we do about it?

07 Leadership in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

How can we stimulate the kind of leadership needed for a healthy regional ecosystem?

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